Jessica Fewless from DemandBase - Why Getting a Decision Takes Input from 6.8 Buyers
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Funnel Radio Line Up: July 20, 2017

This week we have a rare instance of a host being a guest the same day.  Starting at 9:30, David will be tackling, "How to Implement a Demand Funnel"  He says, "In this episode I take you on a deep dive

into why you should define and operationalize a Demand funnel and what it takes to do so."


Then, at 10:30 SLMA Radio continues with David Lewis and Jim Obermayer on the subject of, "If you can't manage leads, you can't manage sales."


Connect with our guest: @demangendave
Listen live:

Debbie Qaqish - the Revenue Marketer, is Jim's guest on CRM Radio at 11:00 AM LIVE


Will Artificial Intelligence Reduce Marketing Jobs?
Connect with our guest: @DebbieQaqish
Listen live:


Our broadcast day ends with Matt Heinz and his guest, Jessica Fewless on Sales Pipeline Radio at 11:30 am. This episode is a replay worth listening to again! Selling ABM Internally


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