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Scott Brinker: 5 Disruptions Facing Marketing Management - ebook Review

Slma-recommended-187Title:  5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It.

Subtitle: A MarTech Conference ebook

Published by/Authors:  Scott Brinker and Emily Fraser

Gated: No

Download Link                                                                                                                             Why It’s Important:

“Marketing is no longer a hidden occupation managed by people repeating what was done last year.  If  marketing management  doesn’t grow quickly they will be trampled by those who do evolve clamoring for their jobs.  Kudos to Scott Brinker and”

5_marketing_disruptions_ebookLength:  19 Pages

Highlights:  “This eBook is based on a webinar and articles series by Scott Brinker, editor, and program chair, MarTech conference. To view the on-demand version of this webcast, please visit

 "Thanks to Emily Fraser for preparing this eBook."

This covers five main areas:

Disruption #1:

Digital Transformation  Digital is longer just a marketing function (wrapper) but is infused into the core of any and all businesses. Nice chart on Advance or Perish. Interesting insight into who owns the digital transformation especially on the customer side.

“This new focus on customer experience goes beyond core marketing to include sales, customer service, product, and even billing experiences. These all contribute to a brand’s larger marketing impact. Every function inside a business must be aware of how its activities, engagements and touch points with customers impact the brand of the organization.”

Disruption #2:

Open Source and APIs

“Application programming interfaces (APIs) enable firms to weave together a fabric of individual platforms to operate their unique set of marketing capabilities, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Great charts: Especially on Architecture vs. Leverage-Best of Breed Winds

Disruption #3:

Vertical Competition Possible one of the more evasive and somewhat hidden disruptions:

 “Vertical competition is the jostling between providers at the various stages in the channel. Facebook, an Internet service, has more power over how marketers connect to a consumer than an adtech solution that is being used to manage placements of advertising within Facebook.”

Disruption #4:

Digital Everything

This section covers how digital transformation includes new digital touch points and interfaces such as wearables,, natural language interfaces like Alexa etc.  This section covers the explosion of new platforms and APIs.

Disruption #5:

Artificial Intelligence

The authors admit this is the hotest topic. Referred to as cognitive computing.  This is probably the weakest topic as it is evolving almost daily. He states AI will increase marketing complexity, but it solves the issue of the faults of human manageable complexity.

Connecting the 5 Disruption Dots is the shortest but maybe the most insightful part of the ebook.

About MarTech Conference: MarTech Conference® is the premier conference for martech professionals working at the intersection of marketing & IT. The MarTech conference is programmed by conference chair Scott Brinker. Scott has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its impact on marketing strategy, management and culture on his blog,, since 2008. For more information, visit   or follow @martechconf on Twitter.

About Scott Brinker and Scott Brinker publishes the Chief Marketing Technologist blog,, with over 75,000 readers at the intersection of marketing and technology, and he is the program chair of the MarTech conference series. He is also the co-founder of ion interactive, a provider of interactive content marketing software to many of the world’s leading brands. Scott is an experienced keynote speaker and the author of the book “Hacking Marketing” published by Wiley. He’s written articles published in Advertising Age, Adweek, Harvard Business Review, and TechCrunch. He has degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University and an MBA from MIT. Connect with him on Twitter @chiefmartec.”

SLMA Comments:   Must read. 

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • CSO
  • Anyone with a marketing title

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