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Sangram Vajre and David Lewis On ABM:Closed won is not to be confused with closed done

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Sangram-Vajre-DemandGen-Radio-David-Lewis-V2During this live program and podcast with Sangram Vajre on ABM, Icould hear Biggie Smalls lyrics [aka The Notorious B.I.G] echoing in my ears “…it’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”  Why? Well just moments before we kicked off the podcast, Terminus announced the closing of $10.3 million round of Series B funding.

Hubspot and other investors are placing additional bets on ABM solutions, which they see as a critical component of the marketing mix. Listen to this episode of DemandGen Radio to hear from the founder of the #flipmyfunnel movement and Author of ABM for Dummies.  Sangram shares insights on why people are both embracing ABM and struggling a bit to understand what’s needed to embrace it.  A  few of the items covered;

  • While ABM has been around for some time, the tools and the technology has made it different.
  • So much of Sangram's insight came from his role as the CMO at Pardot
  • Sangram discusses how Terminus started on the ABM pathway
  • He discussed the importance of flipping the funnel
  • They discussed engaging people on their terms
  • How did Winston Churchill get into the conversation?
  • Lewis said, he learned some time ago, "Closed won is not closed done"
  • Sangram reminded the listeners that  marketing "Activities [such as blog entries and newsletters] are to be confused with results"
Live: May 25, 2017 

DemandGen Radio is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.

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