Cartoons for the Weekend: The Best Sales Humor
Revealing 10 Ideas for Junior Team members to contribute and benefit all.

Management Tip: Beware of the salesperson who talks big in sales meetings

IStock_84714737_MEDIUMBeware of the salesperson who talks big in sales meetings. They tell you all about the really big deals they’re working on; they talk too long, fast and loud in sales meetings.  There will be lots of details and name dropping.  Outside of the sales meeting there is no sense of urgency. Their pipeline will be large, but conversion will be low; prospects will grow old on the pipeline. They won’t want to travel with the sales manager; lots of excuses. When they do travel with the manager the calls will be to current accounts, few prospects. They seldom ask for help.  

Our Advice: In the long run it is better to have no breath than bad breath.


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