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Velocify Research Pushes Back on Non-Credible Sales Stats: White Paper Review

   Definitive Sales Call Statistics

Published by/Authors:   Velocify

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Finally someone has research that is original and doesn’t keep quoting old information and made up stats.  Key findings:

  • They show questionable stats from the National Sales Executive Association
  • “The one constant is that most sales teams completely neglect a large number of leads and usually give up too soon.”
  • 46% of leads receive between one and four calls.
  • Velocify says the optimal number of calls to a prospect is between 5-7.
  • “…The number of conversations salespeople should or shouldn’t have prior to closing a sales should be inconsequential.”
  • When to stop calling they say is more relevant and useful.
  • Chances of closing a sale are better the sooner a salesperson is able to make contact
  • The more attempts it takes to make first contact the less likely a lead is to close.
  • Stopping after only one or two failed call attempts leave a lot of money on the table.
  • 95% of all leads that eventually convert are first contacted in six or fewer call attempts.

SLMA Comments:

There is a lot more to the study and it is worth reading and thinking about.  Velocity has always been a great source for research to guide sales management.

The authors remind us to question stats that are repeated without coming from a credible research source.

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