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On-Air Personalities for Streaming Internet Radio Programs Sought by Funnel Radio

On-Air personalities for Internet Radio Create a "Thought-Leadership" Persona.

Jim Obermayer, publisher of the Funnel Media Group LLC TM and its Funnel Radio channel, a live-streaming internet radio station, announced that it aggressively seeks to expand programming for B2B listeners.  “We recently added three shows (CRMRadio.today, DemandGen Radio, and CustomerMarketingRadio.today (starting Sept 1st), and we have openings for additional live shows with on-air personalities.”

Funnel Radio to expand its B2B show offerings for at-work listeners 

IStock_000020646105MediumFunnel Radio expects to add eight programs in as many coming months to its weekly line-up for Thursday’s shows, with an expansion to Tuesdays.  Typical shows will focus on topics of interest to B2B C-level marketing and sales executives.  

“The programs,” said Obermayer, “are 30-minute, talk-show format programs that solve problems, and present processes and tools to increase sales for B2B companies.  The on-air personalities seldom have radio experience; however, this hasn’t been an issue as these are authentic conversational programs. Each program host has also found that these shows confer thought leadership on them for a specific topic (sales, marketing, CRM, marketing automation, etc.).”

Station manager Susan Finch said, “Our programs are long-form story telling at its best, and program replays are available on iTunes and Stitcher for Adroid.  The program interviews also appear in other forms of content after the live show.  For instance, replays are heard on the on-air personality and guest’s websites, and on blogs.  The show transcripts provide content for ebooks, books, white papers, case studies, newsletters, nurture content, email promotions, press releases, etc.”

New Program Subjects

Typical programs that will be of interest that can be hosted by an on-air personality and corporate sponsor are:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exhibits Management
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer

The Way it Works

"The way it works," Obermayer said, "Is a corporation has a product focus on a particular field, let's say Pipeline Management (CRM,  Marketing Automation, or Sales Enablement).  A company comes forward, as Heinz Marketing did, and they are the weekly host and the president Matt Heinz is the on-air personality for Sales Pipeline Radio.  He schedules the guest, we provide the studio, editing, live stream and radio program site.  The same is true for MSPNow Radio, DemandGen Radio and the new program starting Sept 1, 2016, CustomerMarketingRadio."

Shows on the channel include Sales Pipeline Radio, SLMARadio.today and MSPNow Radio by Continuum.   Each program reaches at-work listeners during the live broadcast and mobile listeners later, in their cars or on vacation. 

Interested program hosts and corporate sponsors are encouraged to contact publisher James Obermayer at (360) 933-1259 or jobermayer@funnelmediagroupllc.com and apply.

About Funnel Radio

Funnel Radio publishes live-streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners.  Available shows include: DemandGen Radio, Leadspace Radio, MSPNow Radio, CRMRadio.today, CustomerMarketingRadio.today (starting Sept 1st) and Sales Pipeline Radio.  The audience for Funnel Radio shows exceeds 155,000.  Funnel Radio is a division of the Funnel Media GroupTM, LLC.

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