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40 Most Inspiring has introduced me to 87 talented leaders.


Voting time is almost at an end for the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management. We were flooded with votes, a lot of comments, shares and met a bunch of new members. The best part about this type of campaign is the opportunity to meet new leaders and inspiring industry speakers, mentors, CEOs, CMOs, marketing catalysts, team leaders and more. I may never have been introduced to a few of them without this campaign.

We hope you took the time to read the nominee posts in the categories that you didn't already have a favorite. If you only voted in your one category of concern, you missed some terrific opportunities to meet new people, possible connections, possible advocates, potential clients and resources. You can still read them now.

SLMA Members, this is your last opportunity to vote. If you are NOT a member, that's OK. You can take 2 minutes to join and then vote. We don't bombard our members with more than 12 emails in a year - and most are about voting and nominating for the 40 Most Inspiring and 20 Women to Watch campaigns. So don't miss this opportunity. JOIN FOR FREE, or LOGIN and VOTE -HURRY! Your candidates need you. You need to meet these other folks you haven't had a chance to see their shininess yet.

HOW TO VOTE: SLMA Members may select one candidate from each of four categories. Login and vote here:

Not a member? No biggie!
It's FREE - it's how we cut down on ballot stuffing by loving VAs and family members.

  1. 2 minutes to join here.
  2. 1 minute to validate your membership from the email sent to you - use login you just created
  3. 30 seconds to finish your profile
  4. 1-2 minutes to vote

Grab a refill on your coffee and get to it!

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