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Are You a Marketing Quitter, Camper or Climber?

 Marketing Quitters use the words ""Can’t"  "Won't"  "Impossible” and other phrases such as "We’ve always done it this way" "That doesn’t work" "Done that" "Tried that" "Can’t measure that" "Can’t follow-up those leads"  "Salespeople won't use the CRM system"  "Salespeople won't close the loop" "Can’t measure that lead gen program."

Marketing Campers wait it out.  They avoid confrontation, settle for the least path of resistance and use terms such as, "We’ll try that someday" "Maybe next time" "Next time I get some help from sales I'll measure the program" "If I only had the money for measurement I’d be all for it" "I can't make them follow-up leads."

Marketing Climbers use words such as, "Never done it, but we’ll try it" "I’ll find a way to measure it"  "I’ll beg for forgiveness, but I won’t ask for permission" "I can make this work even if others don’t think so" "I am up for the challenge" " You need leads?  How many and how soon?" "You’re giving me marketing a quota?  Wow, great idea!"

In my opinion, Marketing Climbershave the best CRM system they can afford.  They have and use marketing automation.  They know the annual sales quotas for the sales channels they service and deliver leads on demand in sufficient quantities to make quota and grow the company.  The Marketing Climbers are builders of wealth. 

Quitter, Camper or Climber is also a YouTube video from Russ Barrans and I think he has a message that hits the mark (the first of eight on the subject on YouTube).

 Transformational Speaker Russ Barrans challenges you to ask yourself if you are a Quitter, Camper, or Climber.

The  theory of Quitters, Campers and Climbers was published in the book Adversity Quotient by Paul Stolz, in 1999 and it still sold.  Great read.


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