Hard Research: ONLINE Buyer Expectations a Wake Up For Marketing - Velocify

Featurebox_Online-Buyer-Expectations (1)Title:  ONLINE Buyer Expectations

Subtitle:  A Study of Personal and Business Buying Experiences and Where Sellers Fall Short

Published by/Authors:  Velocify, PossibleNow and Zogby Analytics  

Gated: Yes

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Length:  17 Pages

Slma-recommended-187Highlights: This research was conducted online of 1,000 adults by Zogby Analytics,  which was commissioned by Velocify and PossibleNOW.  It reported on potential buyers that fill out on-line forms (most after considerable research) and found that up to 70% of the companies they submit to never respond.  These are for high ticket items and products that covered 11 areas including B2B and not just B2C.  The report covered:

  • Time spent on research prior to submitting an inquiry. They separate business and personal inquiries.    Nice chart showing how many hours are devoted to the research.  Hint business inquirers spent more time and personal inquirers spent less. 
  • Use of mobile devices for research is surprising.
  • There are two charts showing the Impact of Slow or No Response. More than half of those surveyed said they experienced no response.  Business inquirers fail 70% of the time!
  • Low and no responses influence the purchase decision.
  • How slow is too slow? Nice chart: a wake-up call here.
  • The worst experience for online buyers is the category of no response, beating out four other categories.
  • Impact of competition.  Those that respond to customer success are more likely to win the sale.  
  • Buyer Preferences for Contact Practices (three pages).

SLMA Comments:   

This report, as many of the Velocify research reports, presents the problem, implies and discusses the solution.  It is a guide for marketing that must understand it isn’t enough to create a demand generation program, you also have to manage and address prospect needs (which includes follow-up) until the sale is made. 

Why It’s Important:

"This research clearly points out marketing's failure.   Everyone complains about the failure of salespeople to follow-up leads, but marketing is just as much to blame. The excuse that “the sales person didn’t do it” isn’t valid any longer.   This report from Velocify, proves it."

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Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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Book Review: Good manners for nice people who sometimes say F*ck.

Alkon-cellboorRecently I saw a post by a respected sales pro with a HUGE pile of books by industry authors she knows. We are all fortunate to have access to, and know some very talented, knowledgeable and entertaining writers. We are always trying to better ourselves, give ourselves an edge, but sometimes we need to do this through a lighter, more practical side.

Amy Alkon to the rescue. LA Weekly calls this "Miss Manners with Fangs." I say it's the more logical approach to modern problems with our behavior and ways to relearn bad habits, adjust our methods and sometimes just our thinking to get along better with those around us, call out the rude folks surrounding us flapping their jaws in loud conversations. I love her ideas on how to handle these, what we can do to take control back from those assaulting our brains with the inane. 

Written in 2014, it was a treasure I ran across at Powell's City of Books where our teens have a monthly book allowance. It's always a fun adventure. When I saw this I had to have it. I'm THAT aunt who sends the happy couple a manners book collection when they announce their engagement.

I have the paperback of this one, but this may be worth getting in the digital version too so I can have it handy and searchable on a moment's notice when I need THAT type of guidance. Because it has so many helpful tips and anecdotes, it's not a breezy read (272 pages), but very enjoyable. I found myself nodding my head throughout, pumping my fist and sighing relief that I'm not the only one completely annoyed with a lot of tech behavior. It's not the fault of devices. It's more psychological than that. Amy Alkon covers that at the start which will give you an entirely more logical perspective.

This is a good read for your teams. Add it to a annual sales meeting goodie bag.

Find all versions on Amazon here >

Funnel Radio Line-up Feb 22, 2018


Today's topics include:  5 Most Important Things Marylou Tyler has learned in business and life. Should Incentives Be Used to Get Salespeople to do Their Job? Confessions of a CMO: The secrets and successes behind B2B’s revenue leaders, and our day ends with: 17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Marketing in 2018.


10:30 SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Marylou Tyler @maryloutyler
Topic: 5 Most Important Things Marylou Tyler has learned in business and life.

Author and Consultant Marylou Tyler shares the processes in her life which have served her well.  She joins a list of executives that have opined on what has helped them on the pathways of life.  She discusses:

  1. Why doing what you love and not following money or title is the key to success
  2. How embracing change in a rapidly changing world helped her
  3. Why celebrating small wins leads to big success
  4. What she has learned from “Habit Stacking” that leads to an evolving process of constant improvement.
  5. And finally, and not surprising, how lifelong learning fuels a positive attitude on life.



11:00 CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Brian Trautschold, Cofounder/COO Ambition @BTrautschold
Topic: Should Incentives Be Used to Get Salespeople to do Their Job?

The obstacle of any CRM deployment is acceptance and use by salespeople.  If the salespeople dig in their heels and refuse to use the CRM System to its full capability the money, the training, forecasts and marketing reports of ROI are dead.  Sales is less efficient, marketing is flying blind, the sales manager has reports that are meaningless.

Because of these truths, we interviewed Brian Trautschold, Co-Founder and COO at Ambition, he discusses how to use incentives with salespeople to over-come a salesperson’s natural inclination to not cooperate.  



11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Joe Hyland @mojoehyland
Topic: Confessions of a CMO: The secrets and successes behind B2B’s revenue leaders



12:00 P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch with host, Kevin Conklin @ipswitch @kevinconklin

Guest: Bojan Simic, DEJ Founder @bojan_simic
Topic: 17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Marketing in 2018

We will talk about a recent survey released by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) about “17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Market in 2018”.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 24% - are looking invest in new IT Operations solutions in next 12 months to be able to manage microservices and containers
  • 52% - reported advanced analytics and automation capabilities as the key driver for network monitoring in 2018
  • 54% - reported that network monitoring for Cloud and virtualized environments is becoming major requirement for 2018

The study is based on insights from more than 2,500 end-users, includes hundreds of data points and is produced by using DEJ's unique approach for ongoing data collection and analysis as well as the company TPO (Maturity Class Framework) methodology.



Binky Patrol: Blankets for Children, Read their Stories

There is never a shortage of children who are homeless, in shelters, and living on the streets, plus all of those who are facing critical and terminal illnesses. We need your help to make more blankets to give to these children as a reminder that they are not forgotten or invisible - that someone truly cares and is sending them love.


Babies, children and teens who are ill, abused, living in foster care or group homes and living in shelters.
Teens in halfway houses
Runaways living on the streets
Mothers in battered women's shelters
Homeless families

Anyone experiencing trauma, like Brad Hale's family ...

Here is a recent story from some recipients in Pocatello Idaho. Some of you may have read their tragic:

There was a drowning in Pocatello, ID  where 4 men and 5 children went fishing. One man fell in and couldn't swim - the other three - one a a time, went in after him and all drown while the children were on board witnessing this.  The eldest boy - 9 - had to make the 911 call.  Several families were deeply affected.  Binky Patrol went into action and sent ALL of them, including the wives, homemade quilts and blankets.

This came to us from one of the family members:

"My name is Brad Hale.  On Aug 8 2010 we lost my 2 brothers, one cousin and a great friend to drowning. I may never know how you heard our story or decided this would benefit our families. but we received several of your blankets. You will never know how much we appreciate the thoughts and prayers ,time ,effort and donations.

Your blankets have not left our beds. The children cuddle in to them every night, and ask me to feel how soft they are. Its' hard not to feel the love put into every one. We love our binky blankets. this is an amazing organization.  I hope everyone involved knows what great people they are and thank you again."

Brad Hale and family

More  Stories from Recipients!

What Binky Patrol does...

Binky BabyBinky Patrol chapters gather as many volunteers as possible on one day and SEW like crazy. Adults and children are involved. Watching the children make blankets for "kids just like them" is so beautiful. They have a great time creating gifts of love. This year, as always, it falls on National Make a Difference Day - October 27, 2018.

At  a Portland, OR, Bink-A-Thon, over 100 volunteers gathered for 5 hours to sew 250 blankets to give to local area shelters and hospitals. It was amazing.

To continue our all-volunteer effort, sometimes we need help.

Binky Patrol is asking you to considering helping to sponsor the Bink-A-Thon or lend your support to a chapter near you. 

If you would consider participating, please contact Binky Patrol Founder, Susan Finch directly at: sfinch@binkypatrol.org or call her: 503-372-5671          

You'll Die if you Don't Listen to Customers - Jennifer Holt and Cyndi Greenglass on WVU Marketing Communications Today Radio

Episode2-twitter-holt"The graveyard is littered with companies who have died when they were abandoned by their customers. This is what happens when you don’t listen to them, and you lose touch with what matters."

Today, we live in a world where our customers want to help shape the brands they are passionate about and even control the conversation. It is a two-way dialogue in business today, and marketers have to understand how to navigate this new environment.

In this podcast, we will learn how brands need to evolve to stay relevant, how to determine what data is valuable and actionable, and how companies are using data to develop meaningful loyalty and engagement.   The host is Cyndi Greenglass.

About our guest, Jennifer Holt:

JENNIFER WEHR HOLT is a tenured Marketing professional with over 20 years of direct industry experience encompassing all aspects of the field. This experience has allowed Jennifer to start her own Marketing consulting company and Health & Wellness Website. 

She uses this combined wealth of industry and education experience by serving as an Adjunct Marketing and Advertising professor at Northern Kentucky University and West Virginia University. She teaches a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing, Advertising, Business Strategy, Data and Analysis & Segmentation.  She has been teaching for over 10 years and was honored by receiving the Outstanding Professor Award. Jennifer is a published author with articles appearing in Quirks, Womenista, Skinny Mom, numerous blogs and posts.

Jennifer is an active member in the community and an advocate for charitable organizations including being on the Board of Directors for the NKCCA, a KY Foster and Adoptive Parent, a St. Jude Partner in Hope, the American Heart Association, a previous Make a wish ‘Wish Granter’, a Guide Point Global Advisor, member of Marketing Moms & Minds, and nominated member of the 40 under 40 Business Courier class.   

Jennifer currently works as the Account Director of Kroger on-site in Cincinnati for Spins, LLC in Chicago.  Previously, Jennifer held Leadership positions at HR ProFile, MRSI, Directions Research,  and was VP of Marketing at RiskAware, where she developed and implemented overall marketing strategies and brand architecture.  

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys the arts, tennis, traveling, and personal fitness training. She resides in the Cincinnati area with her daughter.  


Is “data-driven” the buzz kill for marketing?


WVU Marketing Communications Radio is  a syndicated show, on the Funnel Radio Channel, that is at the intersection of data-driven decision making and marketing practice. Each week we will highlight an emerging or current trend impacting marketers today. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass, our inaugural faculty member in the Masters of Science DMC Program, we will hear from leading professionals who blend the academics and practice of data-driven marketing today.


Why Podcasting Builds Trust, Credibility and Leadership - Matt Heinz on Sales Pipeline Radio

Listen While you Work or Play

IStock-627130554Matt Heinz and Paul Roberts, his announcer for Sales Pipeline, debated the pros and cons of podcasting.  They discuss storytelling, the importance of audio, conversations and podcasting  (Matt believes podcasts are really unstructured learning time).

While Matt is a B2B math marketer he likes technology such as podcasts that set him and his company apart from firms that haven’t embraced storytelling and conversations.

Matt remembered being at a conference when a CMO he had been trying to reach recognized his name from Sales Pipeline Radio.

Why it Works

"Podcasts are true social selling; give first and ask later."

Paul Roberts -  OC Talk Radio

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