You can Build A High Performing Sales/MarketingTeam - Patrick Morrissey with Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz asked Patrick, "What are some of the keys you find to building really high performance marketing teams that can deliver results?

He said... "It's an interesting question because I think everybody comes to the notion of team a little bit differently. But I would say, particularly in marketing that, marketing is fundamentally a team sport. And not just on your team, but the extension of marketing into sales. So, there's a few different things I would call out in terms of focus on teams that I have  found to be successful over time." 

Why it Matters:

Tweets-instream-images-800x600-morrissey“As a general rule when you're trying to put together a team, I would have a strong bias for athletes versus experts. Because, the pace of change across every business and across every market is so quick now, that there are a lot of people who may be an expert in a particular sub-discipline, who can't transfer those skills and can't help other members of the team.”

Patrick Morrissey on Sales Pipeline Radio

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"One is as a general rule when you're trying to put together a team, I would have a strong bias for athletes versus experts. Because, the pace of change across every business and across every market is so quick now, that there are a lot of people who may be an expert in a particular sub-discipline, who can't transfer those skills and can't help other members of the team. So one, I'd look for athletes not experts and people who can really work to solve the problem." 

"The second thing, when you're thinking about marketing is really having an understanding and a focus on learning to try to understand the customer in the market. And a lot of that comes out of my heritage in product marketing, but also I think there's a lot of bias that people, particularly on the sales sides of this discussion have, that marketing does a lot of hand waving, doesn't really actually understand what's going on. And so you need people across the entirety of the team to really be focused on, not just the mission of the company and trying to produce a result, but really understanding the customer in the market."

"And then the third thing I would say... specifically that helps inform teams, is look for people who have sales DNA. Because more often than not, the ... Having lived the life of somebody in sales and you had a great example, Elissa Fink was on with you a couple weeks ago from Tableau. She is a great example that proves the pieces in my mind, which is people who started early in their career or who have had experience in selling, have a lot more empathy for the realities of what it takes to generate an opportunity to get a deal done. But, also what results look like as measured by revenue, and I think all those things are important."

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About Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Altify, responsible for all aspects of marketing as well as channels and alliances. Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr, where he managed the sales, marketing and customer success organizations, delivering 100% annual growth. Previously, Patrick held multiple executive positions at Salesforce, running both industry marketing and building out the vertical industry ISV channel and alliance team. Earlier in his career Patrick held executive roles at DataSift, Savvion and Business Objects. He resides in Orinda, California with his wife and two children.

About Altify

Altify is the digital sales transformation software company, helping sales teams win the opportunities that matter, grow revenue in their key accounts and improve sales execution with guided selling. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify helps salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained revenue growth and sales success. Altify customers include: Autodesk, Bell Canada, BT, GE, Honeywell, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, UnitedHealthcare, Optum, Salesforce and Software AG. Find out more at



From Oracle a White Paper:  EPM Trends Report 2018

Tech-oracle-logoTitle:   EPM Trends Report 2018

Published by/Authors:  Oracle

Gated: Yes

Download Link   

Length:  12 Pages

Highlights: Oracle says they surveyed hundreds of customers and non-customers.  There is no firm information about how many responded, how many responded to a question, etc.    Read the results as informative, but not necessarily solid research. 

While this report talks about the Office of Finance, there is no reason to believe a movement to the cloud is not happening in many other operations (The Office of Finance may just be the last to embrace cloud applications).

This is the fifth annual Enterprise Performance Management Trends Report from Oracle. A major finding:  62% of the respondents have moved or will move their MP processes to the cloud in the next year.  There are nine insightful sections.

  1. EPM in the Cloud is the New Status Quo 79% of the those surveyed say they have a plan for EPM to move to the cloud in the next two years.
  2. Just Say No to Upgrades  The authors give you five reasons for moving EPM to the cloud. 
  3. Come to Save Money but Stay for Business Agility. Five benefits listed
  4. Using Best Practices Yet? Look to the Cloud. They list five leading practices.  The author quotes a customer that says getting a P&L at the press of a button is now possible because they moved from Excel.
  5. The Next Big Thing. Five big predictions for the future.
  6. Not just about the numbers. Key words are sprinkled here: Explains quality and sustainability for corporate performances; expanding qualitative commentary; timely and accurate reporting, visibility and transparency.
  7. No More Black Boxes. This discusses competing costing levels in companies that lead to difficulties in larger companies.
  8. The Only Thing That’s Constant is Change. Oracle makes a good case that the speed of change in business practices, products, mergers and acquisitions all point to the need to eliminate manual systems and move to a single platform for EPM.
  9. The Power to Transform. This is a serious section that discusses the pressures of AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, etc.

Why it’s Important

“Sales and Marketing professional must understand the EPM Cloud shift as it will affect everything they touch in the very short term.”

SLMA Comments

In a single document Oracle makes the irrefutable case that cloud computing for EPM is not only here to stay but growing at a lightening pace.  I am sure last year’s report was similar, but this EPM Cloud Computing appears to have reached a tipping point in 2018.

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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Funnel Radio Line-up June 21


Our morning starts out with Laura Patterson and her guest, JT McCormick on Ready, Set, Grow! Then a rare episode of Rooted in Revenue with Lany and Susan together talking about your boring booth and how to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Matt's guest on Sales Pipeline Radio is Peter Isaacson, CMO Demandbase discussing How to manage influencers, analysts and more. Finally, Cyndi Greenglass interviews Mike Lynch, Founder, Lettuce Entertain You
Topic: Has Customer Empowerment Killed CRM?


10:30 am SLMA Radio - Ready, Set, Grow! with host Laura Patterson @lauravem

Guest: JT McCormick @realjtmccormick

Host, Laura Patterson interviews JT McCormick, CEO/President of Book in a Box for her new monthly program: Ready, Set, Grow! LIVE Thursday, 6/21.  Ready, Set, Grow! is to provide a venue for CXOs to share their insights on what it takes to successfully achieve organic growth, lessons learned, the role they believe Marketing needs to play in growth and how they measure Marketing’s contribution beyond this “quarters” revenue. 


11:00 am Rooted in Revenue with hosts Lany Sullivan @eventsbylany and Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Tips to Avoid having a boring exhibit booth.


11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio with host Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Peter Isaacson, CMO Demandbase @demandbase @peisaacson
How to manage influencers, analysts and more.  



12:30 pm WVU Marketing Communications Today with host Cyndi Greenglass @directchick

Guest: Mike Lynch, Founder, Lettuce Entertain You

Topic: Has Customer Empowerment Killed CRM?

We now live in a world where companies and brands no longer have control of marketing, advertising, or the conversation with their customers. In a very short period of time, the balance of power has shifted dramatically away from push communication strategy, and morphed into a collaborative engagement strategy between consumers, brands, and channel partners. So, in this new world, is there still a place for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or the Experience Economy? Are these concepts outdated and need to be thrown out? If so, what has replaced them for marketers who practice and depend on loyalty and relationship management?

How a New P&L View can Change Revenue Growth - MacCurrach

This is episode two from the last program on CRM Radio entitled: How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience.  In this episode Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios discusses how and why a company should look at their P&L differently, through a different lens. He talks about:

  • Why a new view of the P&L and the marketing programs that are a result, makes the user tremendously more competitive
  • The power of a single view of the customer
  • How adding a new view of the P&L is easy and profitable
  • The consequences of doing what you did last year

600x600-CRMRadio-20180531-maccurrachWhy it's Important

"We are missing the customer point of view.  The traditional P&L doesn't have any metrics around customer metrics (customer classes)."

Augie MacCurrach

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About Our Guest Augie MacCurrach

For over 15 years, Customer Porfolios has partnered with multichannel retailers to grow their customer equity and business with our products and services. Augie MacCurrach CEO and founder of Boston-based Customer Portfolios, provides its clients with actionable customer insight, strategy, analytics to move the needle on customer value and revenue. 



How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience.

Customer Portfolios featured on worldwide business with kathy ireland  

73% of SMBs Report CRM Failures, Unless…

There are Three Critical Components for Success with CRM Software

IStock_000013867169SmallCRM software at the small business level is failing. Industry reports claim that there is as high as a 73 percent failure rate with the implementation and use of CRM among the small business community and it’s not at all surprising.

Why it Matters:

"While we hear of a high failure rate with CRM software in the small to mid-sized sector, you rarely hear of a failed accounting system implementation. I wonder why that is?"

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Welcome swag package for new team members.

Thankyou-noteI was reminded of  a business that sends out random thank you cards to vendors - all signed by everyone in the office and a personalized note on how the vendor makes a difference in the company. No special occasion, sent out twice a year to each vendor.  Guess how often that vendor will remember that company to recommend them to people looking at solutions that same company can provide?

Top of mind for all the right reasons.

What brought that story to mind was a thank you received recently from someone I know through business. Granted it was for a wedding, but it was sent to a lot of attendees nine months later who are connected through business. I won't go into all the details here but let's just say there was a generic sticker thank you note attached inside each photo card and sent without signature or being personalized in any way. It was a box checked off the obligatory tasks list. It spoke volumes about the couple - personally and in business. Top of mind for all the wrong reasons - including catty gossip behind the scenes.

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