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The Persuasion Code by Patrick Renvoise & Dr. Christophe Morin

Today is a special day because within the last 24 hours the sequel to the most important business book in the past 95 years has been published.  Not since Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins, has the business book, Neuromarketing, Understanding the Buy Buttons in your Customer Brain, which sold 200,000 copies, changed the way we market and sell.  This is a book that launched hundreds of consultancies, created thousands of articles, numerous me-too books and changed marketing direction efforts for thousands of companies. 

The sequel, long awaited and anticipated is “The Persuasion Code.”  We have Patrick Renvoise one of the co-authors with us today to discuss what this book delivers that so many have waited for.  

For the uninitiated, Patrick explains Neuromarketing and then continues with:

  1. What he and his co-authored have learned in the intervening years since the original book was published.
  2. We discuss the considerable research, since the first book, which underpins this work.
  3. We ask what, if anything, he learned since 2001 which has surprised the authors?
  4. We discuss the famous Neuromap and ask if anything has changed in the  “Neuromap” brain based theory.
  5. Renvoise covers three take a ways that every marketer can learn that will change the way they sell and market. 

About Patrick Renvoise, Co-Founder & Chief Persuasion Officer of SalesBrain

Prior to co-founding SalesBrain Patrick, an expert in complex sales, was in charge of Business Development first at Silicon Graphics then at LinuxCare. While marketing super-computers and multi-million software solutions to some of the world’s most brilliant scientists at NASA, Shell, Boeing, Airbus, BMW, and more, he became fascinated by the human brain. Patrick then started to investigate a scientific model to explain how humans use their brain to make buying decisions. He spent 2 years researching and formalizing the first, 100% science-based PERSUASION model called NeuroMAP™. in 2002 Patrick and his business partner Dr. Christophe Morin co-authored the first book on Neuromarketing and published NeuroMAP™. This proprietary, award winning methodology has been used for the past 16 years to help over 6,000 companies worldwide SCIENTIFICALLY PERSUADE.

In September 2018 Wiley published Patrick and Christophe’s second book titled “The Persuasion Code”. Following on the steps of Daniel Kahneman (2002 Nobel prize recipient) and Richard Thaler (2017 Nobel prize recipient) this book reveals the role of the Primal Brain or the Unconscious Brain in the process of PERSUASION (Kahneman named this brain the Fast Brain or System 1).

Patrick received a Masters in Computer Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (Lyon, France). He is currently serving as Chief Neuromarketing Officer of SalesBrain.

About SalesBrain

SalesBrain, the world’s first neuromarketing agency, uses neuroscience discoveries to radically transform your sales and marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of your customer’s brain.  Using the proprietary NeuroMap™ persuasion model, SalesBrain customers scientifically PERSUADE with research, training and messaging services.

Founded in 2002, SalesBrain has helped over 6,000 companies worldwide and has trained over 120,000 executives of 24 different nationalities.


  • In 2008 Patrick received the Vistage “Above and Beyond” speaker award. Vistage is the world’s largest CEO membership organization.
  • In 2009 NeuroMAP™, received the “Next big thing in marketing” award from the American Marketing Association. The 2007 recipients of this award was Youtube.
  • In 2011, 2014 & 2015 SalesBrain received the “Innovation Research Distinction” Award from the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation).

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