Mapping Software Use Increases CRM Compliance by 50% - Steve Benson on CRM Radio Podcast

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 Steve Benson CEO of Badger Maps has been interviewed on SLMA Radio twice in the last month because we find the results of their solution to be stunning in its simplicity and use.  CRM Radio host Jim Obermayer  discuss a case study that has had striking results, and all of this from a mapping company.   Benson discusses how Kerr Dental, the Dental Division of Danaher Corporation (DHR)  “…connected their CRM to Badger Maps and saw measurable improvements in sales efficiency. CRM usage increased 50%, prospect meetings increased 57%, targeted meeting close rate increased 90%, and sales efficiency increased over 100%.” The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Steve Benson

Crm-20170420-benson-tweet (1)Steve is the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve worked in Outside Sales and Sales Management at IBM, HP and Google where he worked in the enterprise sales group. Steve was Google Enterprise's Top Sales Executive in 2009. In 2012 Steve founded Badger Maps, the #1 Sales App in the Apple App Store, which helps Field Sales People be more successful.

Badger Maps, Inc

Badger Maps is a sales routing app that helps Field Salespeople close more deals and minimize busy work throughout the sales process. Badger provides automatic territory management for Field Sales Reps by helping them take action quickly on their customer data on a map, to focus in on the best opportunities. Reps using Badger reduce driving time by 20% and increase the productivity by 25%. Reps use it to automatically optimize schedules and routes to get more meetings and sales.

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Fight Gut Troubles with Qualified Sales Leads

IStock-517312614Gut problems are difficult to discuss in polite company.  Gut issues are creating a growing burden on sales managers and salespeople. Symptoms are different from sales manager to sales manager, salesperson to salesperson: bloating, failure to make quota, chronic diarrhea, fear of hearing “No” from prospects, constipation, dishonesty from customers, vomiting before sales meetings and forecasting failures.  It needn’t be that way, marketing  professionals instead of blood tests can diagnose the problem and cure it.

Whoa, can marketing people can solve gut problems?  Of course, every person in marketing, every manager and every specialist, content manager and brand manager, product manager and marketing operations manager has one job, stop sales managers and salespeople from having  gut problems.

Marketing spends a lot of the company’s money to find the most serious, qualified people that need the company’s  products.   Of course, there are a large percent -20-25% that are tire kickers who are interested, but don’t have the money or the authority to make a decision.  Another 20-25% are competitors, students and prisoners and that leaves nearly half of the leads that will buy someone’s product.  These are the ones everyone in marketing is seeking, these are the qualified leads. 

Why it's important

"Qualified leads result in more appointments, more proposals, predictable pipelines and more sales than any other single marketing function except the creation of the product itself."

James W. Obermayer

Qualified leads are the solution to sales gut troubles.  Qualified leads solve the quota issue, the vomit issue, bloating, the sales forecasting issue, maybe even fear and diarrhea. 

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Inbenta believes Key Word Searches are Out - Jordi Torras on SLMA Radio

Inbenta believes key word searches are out as AI is being used for natural Language searches (aka as NLP-natural language processing). 

The Inbenta program understands the nuances of human conversation, so it answers a query based on meaning, not individual keywords.  What this means in the world of customer service, e-commerce searches, and cross selling, to name a few applications, is substantially more satisfied users.   We’ll learn more in our discussion with Inbenta founder Jordi Torras.  And yes, Avarta’s can be part of your solution. The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Jordi Torras Jordi Torras

Jordi Torras, Ceo & Founder of -- Jordi started his entrepreneurial career in 1997 after drinking half a bottle of whiskey with his brother (who drank the other half). Together they founded SBD, a professional services firm in Barcelona. SBD grew to more than 200 consultants by 2004 and was acquired that year by the French firm Alten Technologies. Jordi then founded Inbenta in 2005 to help clients improve online relationships with their customers using revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The first beta version of the Inbenta Semantic Search Engine was released in 2010, thanks to an awesome team composed of linguists, software architects and customer care specialists. In 2012, Jordi moved to California to continue to grow Inbenta there.…he doesn’t drink whiskey anymore. &

About Inbenta

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How Salespeople Benefit from Artifical Intelligence - Sabrina Atienza on CRM Radio

Listen while you work to Sabrina Atienza as she tackles AI benefits for salespeople

The languages of artificial intelligence (machine learning and business intelligence) are discussed fast and loose by companies  in the Marketing Automation, CRM, Telemarketing and pre-lead  (new oxymoron?) space.  They assert they have a secret sauce that makes their services more valuable for marketing and sometimes even salespeople by using AI.  And yet it may service the prospect/customer and the company, but does it serve the salespeople well? 

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On Revenue Marketing: Why It's Important

On Revenue Marketing: 

Why It's Important:

"Revenue Marketing is the de facto definition of the role of marketing.  The trouble is most marketing managers don't know it and neither does the C-Suite."

Sales Lead Management Association

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From the author of "Rise of the Revenue Marketer - Debbie Qaqish

What is Revenue Marketing™? 
Revenue Marketing™ is the combined set of strategies, processes, people, technologies, customers and results that: Drops sales ready leads into the top of the funnel  Accelerates sales opportunities through the sales pipeline Measures marketing based on the repeatable, predictable and scalable contribution to pipeline and revenue Improves the ROI of the sales and marketing continuum. 

 The Issue: C-Level Management Resists Revenue Marketing - Qaqish on SLMA Radio

Revenue Marketing, is a term made popular by Debbie Qaqish, of the Pedowitz Group through her weekly radio program, WRMR PowerTalk Radio for Revenue Marketing™Leaders  and her book “Rise of the Revenue Marketer”, is the guest on SLMA Radio to discuss the growth of the Revenue Marketer in B2B

Lead Revenue Calculator by Dan McDade

Most ROI calculators I see published are flawed. Many of the tools are designed to determine how much revenue an organization needs and where that revenue came from. However, that is overly simplistic and lacks critically important metrics. Revenue projected from the “write content and they will come” mentality is overestimated. The real potential of lead nurturing is ignored. Furthermore, necessary outbound investments are underestimated.


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