Shortening the Sales Cycle - Perry and Williams

Shortening a company's sales cycle is a desire held by many, but accomplished by few.  

Slma-recommended-187Shortening a company’s sales cycle is a frequent goal espoused by the C-Level, welcomed by marketing, embraced by sales but consistently accomplished by a handful of companies. 

The benefits are touted by consultants as:

  • Getting a jump on competitors
  • Improves cash flow (a CFO's dream)
  • Reduces sales territory turn-over
  • Helps sales forecast accuracy

But how to do it consistently is always the conundrum. The host on  SLMA Radio is Dan Perry of the Brevet Group and his guest is a founding partner of the Brevet Group Brian Williams.  

They discuss:

  • The definition of an Adaptive Sales Process
  • Why the sales cycle is lengthening and not getting shorter.
  • The problems of the modern sales representative
  • Why best performers aren’t always aware of what they do and why they do it!

About Brian Williams

Williams has 25 years’ experience integrating the worlds of strategy, marketing and sales to help companies improve their customer-facing capabilities. His projects have focused on new tools, processes, and other enablers that connect big idea strategy to sales force implementation. Brian’s obsessed with not only getting the “what” right, but also the “how” – the change and people-related aspects so critical to driving sustained business improvement.


Why it Matters

Brian’ Williams favorite saying is: "Successful execution is all that matters." 

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 About the Host Dan Perry

Dan approaches helping companies grow revenue from a unique perspective – he’s done it. He’s walked a mile in your shoes and knows the pitfalls, short-cuts, and tried and true strategies to make it work. As a sales leader at some of the best run sales organizations he bridged the gap between strategy and execution to transform the selling effort and to increase productivity.

He uses this proven methodology now at the Brevet Group to combine strategic consulting, custom training and modern reinforcement to get results. His work results in quicker adoption and enablement of the new programs and processes in the sales team driving improved sales rep and manager productivity.


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White Paper Review: For the Latecomers to GDPR from CRM

Gdpr-checklist-step2Title:   GPR: 5 Steps Checklist

Published by/Authors: CRM

Gated: No

Download Link   


Length:  6 Pages


Yes, of course Workbooks published this sooner, much sooner to warn us.  We still think it is worth reading. Less than a week to make the deadline. Maybe it's not too late to comply with GDPR.

"After all it's never to late to be what you might have been."

George Eliot is the pen name of Mary Ann Evans  D. 1880

Why it Matters:

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Eight Reasons Podcasts are Popular


Podcasts, where executives in the company assume a public leadership position by discussing important topics in sales and marketing with customers, prospects and industry leaders, can be a vital part of your marketing outreach.

There are eight reasons why you should consider using a podcast as part of your lead generation programs:

  1. Podcasts are authentic compared to webinars which are pure sales tools and the listeners know it
  2. Podcasts have a long life without an expiration date: new listeners tune in continually
  3. Listenership will be from a live audience and hundreds or thousands of podcasts listeners
  4. The cost of podcasting is low
  5. Podcasts are listened to by digitally connected people 24/7 away from the office
  6. Programs take little time for the hosts – typically 30 minutes per program – no rehearsals or PPT
  7. Podcasts create substantial content for use in 16 different ways
  8. Podcasts often are accessed from sites other than your own via guests and syndication

Whether the host is your president, CRO, CSO, CMO or product manager on a rotating basis, B2B companies benefit from a Radio/Podcast programs.   See our current line up here.

If you’d like to know more, click here.


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How Sales Reps Can Use CRM for Fun and Profit (Ok, maybe that's pushing it)

OK, Maybe using CRM for Fun is an overstatement, but it can be used by astute sales reps to make quota, if they use the tool to their advantage.  Listen to GoldMine's Paul Petersen discuss CRM and the Three Builds concept.

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