Konrath on The Five Most Important Things she has learned in Business and Life

This one of our ongoing series of interviews on what executives have learned in life.  Jill Konrath shared the 5 Most Important Things she has Learned in Business and Life with personal stories from her early days in sales. 

She covers an early failure that nearly stopped her in the first few months of her sales career. 

  1. Reframing Failure: how to do it and why it is important
  2. Problems are really just callenges which is another form of reframing
  3. Why focusing on the customers changed her life!
  4. How being a master of technology is no longer an option!
  5. And why Silence is Complicity and it is a meaningful message for today

Konrath’s sincerity comes through in this heartfelt advice. 


201712xx-tweet-5things-jillkonrathJill is the author of three bestselling, award-winning books. Her newest book, Agile Selling shows salespeople how to succeed in a constantly changing sales world. SNAP Selling focuses on what it takes to win sales with today’s crazy-busy buyers. And Selling to Big Companies provides step-by-step guidance on setting up meetings with corporate decision makers.

Konrath is a frequent speaker at sales conferences and kick-off meetings. Sharing her fresh sales strategies, she helps salespeople to speed up new customer acquisition and win bigger contracts. Her clients include IBM, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Staples and numerous mid-market firms.

As a business-to-business sales expert, Jill’s ideas and insights are ubiquitous in multiple forums, both on and offline.

  • Widely read.Jill’s newsletters are read by 125,000+ sellers worldwide. Her popular blog has been syndicated on numerous business and sales websites.
  • Sales Fellow.In 2014, Jill was honored to be selected as a Sales in Residence at HubSpot Sidekick, providing insights, guidance and direction to the new Sidekick offering.
  • Jill has been recognized for many achievements. Most recently, InsideView named her to their list of the 25 Influential Leaders in Sales for the third consecutive year in 2013, and she was named to the Sales Lead Management Association's lists of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. She has also won many other awards.

To learn more about Jill, you can read about her professional background, personal insights and sales philosophy. Check her out on Wikipedia, and don't forget to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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Sales Lead Management Association Announces Election Results for the Leaders in Sales Lead Management

Revenue management is the core value for the industry’s 40 leaders

IStock-459184129Lynden, WA - - December 15, 2017 - - James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced that the results are in from the election for the most inspiring ‘Leaders in Sales Lead Management.’ en inspiring leaders who received the most votes in each of four different categories, were named.

Obermayer said, “Sales Lead Management is the core discipline that when accurately done as a process, considering the needs of prospects and salespeople, and using the dozens of software applications and lead generation agencies available, can make the difference between being a successful company or an also-ran.”

“These 42 inspiring leaders (we had a tie in two categories) understand that lead management must be defined before the tools of CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and hundreds of software applications can be applied.  Many thousands of lead generation agencies and millions of marketing departments must manage sales leads properly to gain revenue in a predictable manner. This is why we recognize our inspiring leaders in this annual election.”  A video of the winners’ list is viewable here. 

The four categories and winners, in the order of votes received, are:

 B2B and B2C C-Level Management 

  1. Matt Heinz, Author, Heinz Marketing, Inc.
  2. Debbie Schwake, BLM Technologies
  3. Maria Pergolino, Apttus
  4. Kristin Thompson, Speak Serve Grow
  5. Justin Gray, LeadMD
  6. Steve Benson, Badger Maps, Inc.
  7. Debbie Qaqish, Author, The Pedowitz Group
  8. Jeanne Hopkins, Author, Ipswitch
  9. Bryan Semple, SmartBear Software
  10. Nick Hedges, Velocify by Ellie Mae

 B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management 

  1. Dayna Rothman, BrightFunnel
  2. Andrea Costello, Comcast West Division
  3. Kate Adams, SmartBear Software
  4. Patrick Revoise, Author, SalesBrain
  5. Gail Carson, Fusion Marketing Partners
  6. Kevin Joyce, The Pedowitz Group
  7. Maneeza Aminy,  Marvel Marketers
  8. Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group, Inc.
  9. Jared Houghton, Ambition Inc.
  10. Jim Dickie, CSO Insights
  11. Josh Evans, Velocify by Ellie Mae

 Lead Generation Company Professionals (including agencies, consultancies, database providers, fulfillment telemarketers, trade show vendors, etc.) 

  1. Anna Fisher, ZoomInfo
  2. David Lewis, DemandGen International
  3. Laurie Beasley, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing Inc.
  4. Pamela Muldoon, The Pedowitz Group
  5. Howard Sewell, Spear Marketing Group
  6. Michael Murphy, Acadia LMS
  7. Renee Yeager, Yeager Marketing
  8. Tom Judge, Direct Marketing Partners
  9. Cyndi Greenglass, Diamond Communications Solutions
  10. Kimmy Netterville, PointClear

 Software and Web Application Company Professionals (as those companies pertain to sales lead management) 

  1. Michelle Huff, Act-On Software
  2. Prayag Narula, LeadGenius
  3. Theresa Cramer, Information Today Inc.
  4. Han Yuan, Upwork
  5. Scott Benedetti, The Pedowitz Group
  6. Fred Yee, ActiveConversion
  7. Larry Caretsky, Commence Corporation
  8. Lars Helgeson, GreenRope
  9. Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner CRM
  10. John Hasbrouck, NewLeads
  11.  Peter Gillett, Zuant

 About the Sales Lead Management Association

At the Sales Lead Management Association we believe that defining the sales lead process and managing sales leads manages revenue.  Membership and subscriptions to various publications and broadcasts, as they should be, are free.  For information call Sue Campanale at 360-933-1259.  The Sales Lead Management  Association is a division of the Funnel Media Group, LLC.           

Peter Gillett of Zuant Joins the Sales Lead Management Association’s Board of Advisors

Peter Gillett IStock-459184129Dec 14, 2017- - Lynden, WA - - James Obermayer of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that Peter Gillett, CEO and Founder of Zuant, has joined the SLMA as an advisory board member. In his role, Peter will advise management about changes in sales lead management from a North American and international perspective and also advise us about trade show mobile lead acquisition in the U.S. and Europe.  SLMA’s Board of Advisors are listed here

Obermayer said, “Peter has pioneering experience in the sales lead management field, and with Zuant he has focused on the top of the food chain in the creation of qualified leads for trade shows and mobile lead capture.  He is also a host on the SLMA weekly radio/podcast that is in its eighth year and has over 95,000 listener downloads. We look forward to his experience to guide the SLMA into its eighth year.”

“I am honored and humbled to serve on SLMA’s Board of Advisors and look forward to serving alongside my fellow board members,” noted Peter.  “I applaud Jim for his commitment to advancing the sales lead management industry through his viable and well respected association.”

Peter Gillett is a host on SLMA Radio. His most recent programs include:

GDPR: What you don’t know will hurt you featuring, Ian Gotts, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author.

How Verizon changed gears to turbocharge its tradeshow lead gen featuring Hector Garcia, Verizon Telematics.

Case Study: How ADP Proved ROI on a $1.5M Tradeshow Budget featuring Steve Landry, Ontrack Workflow (formerly ADP).

About Zuant

Zuant is a native iOS App, which can run offline and synchronize with its Zuant Cloud portal when an internet connection is available. This makes it ideal for any environment, and can be left in Kiosk Mode collecting data from the public, which in turn can be viewed in a central global location using multiple questionnaire forms and languages. Data is collected with the highest level of security and privacy, and full GDPR compliance will be offered in readiness for the new EU legislation in early 2018.

About Zuant, the Company

Founded by tech innovator Peter Gillett in 2008, Zuant provides mobile lead capture solutions for companies seeking to maximize their investment in tradeshows. The name Zuant is derived from the Anglo-Norman word, suant, meaning fast and light, and symbolizes the ease in which leads are able to be captured on the go and fed into a CRM system for fast post event follow-up!  Peter created the world’s first web-based CRM system funded by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s. CRM, lead generation and follow-up are still the focus for Zuant and its network of NACCENT call centers around the globe.  Zuant clients include ADP, Verizon, Volvo, Dow, Ferrero and many others across all industries. Zuant has offices in London, England, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.  For information, visit the Zuant website www.zuant.com.  

 About the Sales Lead Management Association

 At the Sales Lead Management Association we believe that managing sales leads manages revenue.  Membership and subscriptions to various publications and broadcasts, as it should be, are free.  For information call Sue Campanale at 360-933-1259.  The Sales Lead Management Association is a division of the Funnel Media Group, LLC.                                                             # # #

Funnel Radio Lineup Dec 14, 2017

Terrific lineup today starting at 9:30 with a replay of David Lewis' interview with Daniel Waas of GoToWebinar. They discussed Reinventing the use of webinars for lead generation. Next Anna Fisher of ZoomInfo joins Jim on the topic of, How Companies Are Using Databases to Improve Sales & Marketing Productivity. Jim continues his series of "5 most important things learned" with his guest, Paul Teshima of Nudge.ai. Matt's guest is  Mark Godley of LeadGenius. How lead augmentation drives greater sales pipeline contribution is their discussion topic. Greg Mooney hosts PICNIC this week and welcome Joy Beland of Pink Hat Technology. They cover a most important topic: The Importance of Human Element in Fighting Cyber Crime. Tweet-todays-funnelradio-lineup-20171214



9:30 am - DemandGen Radio with host, David Lewis @demandgendave

Guest: Daniel Waas, Logmein @DanielWaas @GoToWebinar
Topic: Reinventing the Use of Webinars for Demand Generation



10:30 am - SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer, @funnelradiolive

Guest: Anna Fisher, ZoomInfo @zoominfo
Topic: How Companies Are Using Databases to Improve Sales & Marketing Productivity



11:00 am - CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer @funnelradiolive

Guest: Paul Teshima, CEO/Co-Founder, Nudge.ai @nudgeai @paulteshima
Topic: 5 Most Important Things Paul Tashima has Learned in Business and Life



11:30 am - Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz, @heinzmarketing

Mark Godley, Lead Genius @mgodley21
How lead augmentation drives greater sales pipeline contribution



12:00 P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch with host, Greg Mooney @gregmooney

Guest: Joy Beland
Topic: The Importance of Human Element in Fighting Cyber Crime


Christmas Gift Books for Marketing and Sales People

IStock-475183184 (1)Give a Book for Christmas to a Sales or Marketing Person 

I recommend these books as gifts for Christmas.  I have read these and found them to be useful, insightful and a help to any sales and marketing professional.  Some of the authors I have come to know, some have been interviewed on SLMA Radio or CRM.    Business books are not written because of royalties, they are written because the author can't keep their knowledge inside.  It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours to write a book, a lot of self-searching, some ego bruising, many late nights and weekends without the family.

These books are a gift of knowledge which is so much better than a tie or a bottle of perfume.

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1. Full Funnel Marketing   Authored by Matt Heinz and the Heinz Marketing Team.    Subtitle:  How to Embrace Revenue Responsibility & Increase Marketing's Influence on Pipeline Growth & Close More Deals.  This is all about pipeline growth and marketing’s ability to make it happen.  Revenue accountability by marketing is strong here. Heinz is the host of the popular Sales Pipeline Radio/Podcast weekly program.

2. Close Deals Faster by John Asher from Asher Strategies.  This originates from a pioneering sales approach developed by John Asher and used by 80,000 elite salespeople he and his group have trained.  This is a sales strategy book, also great for sales managers.   260 Pages   Hard Cover    

3. Read Jill Konrath’s book, More Sales-Less time. Subtitle: Surprising Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Seller.    Fast, easy to understand. Results immediately.    Konrath's books are always a breath for fresh air.  241 Pages   Hard Cover    

4.  Zero-Time Selling by Andy Paul Love this book to accelerate sales.  Subtitle: Ten Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales.  168 pages  Soft Cover.   Probably the easiest tactics to implement and see an immediate return.  I have used Andy’s ideas to great success.    Andy is the host of the widely popular, daily podcast about sales:  Accelerate   607 episodes and counting as of this date.

5. From Tim Sanders, Deal Storming.   Subtitle: The Secret Weapon  that can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges.  Seven steps for the sales manager and sales representative.  Combines the art and the science of the deal.  Lots of talk about a team approach to high potential Sales that have gotten bogged down.  234 Pages  Soft Cover.  

6. From Rhoan Morgan and Eric Hollebone of DemandLab, Change Agents.   Subtitle: The Radical Role of tomorrow's CMOs.  Hard Copy or download a copy.   This is the CMO book that discusses how to create a digital transformation and blueprint for the current marketing team.   Soft Cover 106 pages.  Brand new this fall.

7. Chris Smith’s book The Conversion Code, about capturing internet leads, creating quality appointments, and closing more sales.    Smith is a well known speaker and evangelist.

8. Inside Content Marketing by Theresa Cramer.   Subtitle: EContent Magazine's Guide to Roles, Tolls and Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Brand Journalism. Today’s marketing starts and ends with content and Theresa Cramer nails it in this book for the marketer.       172 Pages   Soft Cover  

9. Rise of the Revenue Marketer Subtitle: An Executive Playbook, by Debbie Qaqish of the Pedowitz Group.  This is the definitive, life changing book for the Chief Marketing Officer.  Backed by interviews from her podcast series,  RMR, Revenue Marketing Radio this is  what started the serious marketing to revenue discussion.  2013  Softcover 228 pages.


Need Sales? Two Shortcut Solutions

Delivering qualified leads and appointments is a shortcut to making forecast!

IStock_000004487061SmallWhen sales are lagging, you’re in a slump, your back’s against the wall, and you need to make forecast, the answer is to get appointments for your reps.  Not just any appointments mind you; you need qualified appointments. 

When sales are down in most companies, the manager’s first response is to increase sales activity.  More calls.  Call current clients, call old proposals, call old leads; “jump on the phones” screams the sales manager.

Continue reading "Need Sales? Two Shortcut Solutions" »