How You Can Improve Your Closing Skill!

Listen Now: Click on the Green Arrow   Join host, Matt Heinz and his guest, Anthony Iannarino as they review Anthony's book, The Lost Art of Closing. He'll have some insights that will help you close more deals.

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About this book 

51MC1sQ8gTL._SY346_Anthony Iannarino has a different approach geared to the new technological and social realities of our time. In The Lost Art of Closing, he proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. 
Iannarino addressed this in a chapter of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need—which he thought would be his only book about selling. But he discovered so much hunger for guidance about closing that he’s back with a new book full of proven tactics and useful examples. The Lost Art of Closing will help you win customer commitment at ten essential points along the purchase journey. For instance, you’ll discover how to:

·  Compete on value, not price, by securing a Commitment to Invest early in the process.
·  Ask for a Commitment to Build Consensus within the client’s organization, ensuring that your solution has early buy-in from all stakeholders.
·  Prevent the possibility of the sale falling through at the last minute by proactively securing a Commitment to Resolve Concerns.

The Lost Art of Closing will forever change the way you think about closing, and your clients will appreciate your ability to help them achieve real change and real results.

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Sunday Musing - Gillett and Gotts on Making Your Events More Valuable

If improving event results, not just attendance or traffic, but sales results is your goal, listen while you work to Ian Gotts and Peter Gillett.  Think about your last event and seriously consider if it lived up to your expectations.  

Why it's important: 

Forget excuses that the traffic was great and the event (booth) was crowded, did it ultimately produce, or are you pleased to bury the results. 

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Ian GottsIan Gotts, CEO of Elements is interviewed by Peter Gillett  about SalesForce and events.  Points they'll be covering include:

  • Will the universal badge idea ever happen?
  • Ease of producing QR codes for event registrations and fast check-in to get rid of paper lists and handwritten badges!
  • Everyday content availability and auto-lead capture for the sales guys who won’t!
  • Tradeshow integration a must for speed of follow-up – working with salesforce Admins

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6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d80ba970b-320wiPeter Gillett is co-host of SLMA Radio the longest running, steaming live, internet radio program with podcast replays.  

The fundamental success factor is Practice, Practice, Practice - McClure

Editors Note:  This is one of Patrick McClure's Two Fundamentals of Success!  While Patrick addresses himself to salespeople, what can marketing take away from this?
I was at a seminar this week and Michael Phelps, the world-class Olympic swimmer who has won

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Funnel Radio Lineup Sept. 13, 2017

It's only September, but IT Horror stories are always interesting, especially if you can sigh relief that it hasn't happened to you... yet. Phill Keene drives home what need to know about the imporance of a sales process DEFINITION. You can't follow it, until you define it. David Lewis starts out the day and keeps us going with ideas on neuromarketing principles. Insights from Anthony Iannarino are ALWAYS worth the note taking. Don't miss today.


9:30 am Pac: DemandGen Radio with David Lewis

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Mastering the Sales Lead Process for Inside Sales - eBook from VanillaSoft - Review

Slma-recommended-187Why It’s Important:

“Statistics show that a large portion of leads fall by the wayside because of inadequate lead management systems, poor organizational skills, and varied levels of diligence among salespeople.”

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 e-Book Title:   Mastering the Lead Management Process for Inside Sales

Published by/Authors:   VanillaSoft

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Psyched Up: Daniel McGinn with Matt Heinz

Listen to Daniel McGinn while you work, click the Green Arrow:

D McginnAs Senior Editor of the Harvard Business Review, Daniel McGinn has special insight into what it takes to become mentally prepared to succeed with his book,  "Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed."

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This should be Marketing's Minimum Guarantee to Sales

Never create fewer leads than the total number of products sold in your marketplace each year.

092211moviehouse (1)Losing and don’t know why? Here’s at least one part of the answer. If there are 20,000 products sold in your marketplace and you are only producing 1,500 leads, guess why you can’t make those large market share gains you promised?  Of course, you have to have enough salespeople to follow-up on the quantity you produce and the guts and budget to do it.  If you are large enough, this must be your goal.

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The price of being a bad client

6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d7013970b-320wiIt sounds funny, but there is, or should be, a price to pay when we are less than pleasant, respectful, kind toward those we have hired to do a job. Just because we pay people doesn't give us the right to be rude, irritable, condescending or mean. I am reminded of this by my children when the seventh junk call of the day comes through and interrupts my day because it has a spoofed area code that "may be someone I want to talk to." They remind me that people don't typically set out to take terrible jobs because they get joy from it. They do it to put food on the table. Take that up to professionals we hire for accounting, our legal needs, sales training. They welcome you into their office in hopes that they can help you solve a problem, help make you more money and lessen your burdens. This is difficult when you arrive in attack mode carrying the weight of your day or week, misunderstandings, or even fear. Stop. Breathe.

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